Welcome to the website of Triple Helix, the Menchville High School FIRST Robotics Competition Team in Newport News, Virginia. We are FIRST team 2363, and we are pleased that you have stopped by to visit! If you are new to our team, we hope that you will take the time to see what we do with our robots and our community outreach programs. If you are new to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), we hope that you will take the time to find out about this fascinating organization that brings technology, in the form of competitive robotics events, to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.


Our Team Goal

We are dedicated to aiding students in their search for a variety of competencies, a large number of opportunities gained through the acquisition of skills, and a development of interest in STEM fields.


Learn Valuable Skills

Members on Triple Helix are able to gain a multitude of skills by learning from experienced mentors and participating directly in a comfortable, accepting work enviroment.


Gain Unique Experiences

Students can compete in local, district, and national level compititions, demonstrating the skills they have acquired throughout the year in the form of a finished compitition robot.

Keep in Touch.

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